Leondrino – the safe type of currency of the future

I attended a workshop of the „Bundesverband der IT und Kommunikationsindustrie“ in Frankfurt am Main on December 10th, 2014. I got some questions regarding the classification of the currency type Leondrino during informal talks at the workshop which caused me to this blog post. Here I summarize the answers to the key questions regarding classification:


Leondrino Exchange, Inc. is founded

The time has come: we incorporated Leondrino Exchange and will establish our headquarters in New York.

As a consequence of the pioneering efforts of the New York State Department of Financial Services regarding the legislative initiative to regulate virtual currencies, we decided to establish our headquarters in New York.


How the Idea of Leondrino Was Born

Originally, the idea of private branded currencies was intended for the music industry as an additional feature of the Leondra music Business Platform. This video gives you an introduction of Leondrino Business Model including a brief illustration of the problem and the solution with Leondrino using the example of a music band. Video from 02/05/2014 – duration 4:00 The feedback



Hello everybody!

We just started our Leondrino Exchange project and set up our Leondrino blog today.