Private Branded Currencies: How Leondrino Provides “Good Money”

By Newman Banks In previous articles in this series, we discussed the definition and characteristics of Good Money.  The most important properties require that: In this third article of the series, we want to talk about how the new concept of the privately branded digital currency, Leondrino, combines all the properties outlined above and is therefore able to meet this


Private branded currencies: What is “Good Money”?

By Newman Banks

The direction and speed of growth in innovation in recent years has been characterized by a massive shift in how traditional services are viewed and understood, especially in envisioning new and inventive ways of delivering traditional services. Think about what Uber has done to the taxi business, how Airbnb changed the hotel business or even how the education sector has been able to expand and extend reach via Massive Open Online Courses through providers such as Stanford and Princeton supported Coursera. The common aim that all these innovations share is to improve on existing, well established services using new technologies.