Kommentar der William Mills Agency über das Leondrino Wallet auf der Finovate Spring 2017

Apr 26, 2017

April 26, 2017 – 05:38 pm
Leondrino Exchange

Currency management for their customers. Improve customer retention. Now showing their wallet. Now this is kind of interesting. It’s an AWESOME UI but what’s different is that while lots of companies have mobile wallets this seems to be a mobile wallet designed INTERNATIONAL FIRST.

The graphical interface is so good it’s hard to tell if it’s an app or browser based. I’m betting it’s browser-based. Really slick. While this is something I may never use I’m very impressed with their demo.

From their web site: Leondrino Exchange, Inc., located in New York, introduces a new type of branded virtual currencies, called Leondrino, that are related to the current and future business of global brands.

With its LEX Platform, Leondrino Exchange combines all tools and services necessary to manage the life cycle of both loyalty points and Leondrino Currencies and to meet the requirements of safety, privacy, security and regulation. The LEX Platform provides a valuable foundation for data-based business models in several industries, e.g. Financial Services, Entertainment, Energy, Transportation and Healthcare.

Money isn’t what it used to be. Leondrino has created a whole new way of exchanging value. They are creating private virtual currencies. These are linked to well-known global brands. ^SR


Sandra Leonie Ritter

Sandra Leonie Ritter ist Mitgründerin und CEO der Leondrino Exchange, Inc. und ist eine erfahrene Serien-Unternehmerin. Gemeinsam mit Peter Reuschel suchte sie nach einem revolutionären Weg, wie man aufstrebende Künstler mit großem Potenzial finanzieren kann, um sie zu globalen Stars zu machen. Diese Idee, eine neuartige Finanzierungsmöglichkeit für Musikmarken zu schaffen, führte zum Leondrino Konzept für Marken aller Branchen und der Gründung von Leondrino Exchange. Zuvor hat sie viele Jahre als professionelle Musikerin gearbeitet.