Background Information on Leondrino Exchange Inc.

The idea of branded currencies for creative talents was born in 2011, when Peter Reuschel (serial entrepreneur) and Sandra Leonie Ritter (professional musician and entrepreneur) were looking for a revolutionary way how professional investors can make direct investments into upcoming artists with great potential. In order to build a global music brand, an artist or band must be able to raise substantial amounts of working capital and get flexibility in financial matters, which a musician or artist managers will never get from traditional forms of financing. Conversely, investors cannot stand it when they have to deal with all the bits and pieces of IP exploitation and complicated revenue structures of an entertainment brand.

Started in Berlin and incorporated as Delaware C-Corporation in New York on November 7, 2014, Leondrino Exchange. Inc. will further develop the software platform and eco-system and apply for admission as an issuer of virtual currencies. Moreover, Leondrino Exchange, Inc. coaches the pioneering entertainment brands towards the issuance of their own branded currencies.