How can a brand apply for its own Leondrino?

To be eligible for the issuance of Leondrino, a brand needs to display, among others,

  • a minimum number of fans
  • a minimum number of products and services that will be solely offered for purchases in Leondrino currency, as well as future commitments and services that will be used as collateral for the issuance of Leondrino
  • pricing of any products and services in Leondrino

Once a brand has fulfilled these requirements, it is eligible to have its own Leondrino issued by Leondrino Exchange. The two parties sign a Leondrino contract (including process description) to prepare and formulate the details of the Initial Leondrino Offering (ILO). The brand will be able to influence the breadth of the fan engagement during the issuance and be able to influence the distribution and investor structure.

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* Note: Video is using the example of a music brand (band).