What are the benefits for a brand and why should a brand have its own Leondrino?

Brands (and their owners) want to invest into the next growth phase, seeking a financing vehicle that will not cause them to sell equity. The big advantages for an entertainment-related brand, for example, include:

    • access to professional investors
    • growth capital from fans and investors via Leondrino Exchange, without issuing equity
    • market access in developing markets and capture of incremental clients (especially in countries with no traditional banking infrastructure but well-developed mobile telephone capabilities)
    • full control over copyright and similar brand-related rights (in connection with intellectual property)
    • advanced opportunities around loyalty management capabilities based on additional and superior client data points (especially for purchases via branded currencies)
    • reinforcement of the brand value and fan relationship


See also our video #5 Benefits for bands*

* Hint: Video is using the example of a music brand (band).