What is Leondrino?

Leondrino is the new type of virtual currency, which combines the benefits of money supply control by central banks and the technological advantages of virtual currencies, including crypto currencies, while avoiding the disadvantages as possible. Compared to other virtual currencies, Leondrino are backed by the current and projected business data of the respective brand. For each brand, Leondrino will have a customizable name, reflective of the brand name. Therefore, Leondrino are called branded currencies. The money supply of each branded currency will be based on the unique monetary policy that is coordinated with the brand and clearly communicated to all those branded currency participants. It is not intended to change the individual monetary policy after the initial agreement between Leondrino Exchange and the related brand as approved by the regulator. With these measures, Leondrino Exchange will create currencies that

  • have a limited volatility,
  • are recoverable in relation to a brand and
  • can be used globally for products under a brand umbrella.