Leondrino Exchange, Inc. is founded

Nov 15, 2014

The time has come: we incorporated Leondrino Exchange and will establish our headquarters in New York.

As a consequence of the pioneering efforts of the New York State Department of Financial Services regarding the legislative initiative to regulate virtual currencies, we decided to establish our headquarters in New York. With our move to the U.S. we can take full advantage of New York as a world leading financial center, gain access to venture capital, and access to highly qualified talent. We also plan to expand our development team in Berlin.

We will introduce Leondrino: a new type of virtual currency, which is backed by the current and future generated business of global brands. Leondrino are issued for each eligible brand and will be named after this brand and are controlled by Leondrino Exchange. These individually branded Leondrino will be used as a medium for the exchange of goods and services and will be interchangeable with fiat currencies.

So if you are interested in how Leondrino Exchange is going to evolve to the issuer of branded virtual currencies, then read our blog. You are invited to discuss with us what’s going on regarding Leondrino.


Sandra Leonie Ritter,
co-founder and CEO of Leondrino Exchange, Inc.


Sandra Leonie Ritter

Sandra Leonie Ritter is co-founder and CEO of Leondrino Exchange, Inc. and is an experienced serial entrepreneur. Together with Peter Reuschel, she was looking for a revolutionary way to finance upcoming artists with great potential and to turn them into global stars. This idea of creating a new financing option for music brands led to the Leondrino Concept for brands of all industries and the founding of Leondrino Exchange. She has a background as professional musician.