The Leondrino Currencies

On this page you will find first brands, who have left the Stealth Phase and started the rollout of their branded currency. For further information on the individual brands and how you can use their branded currency, please click on the respective link to the Leondrino.

The LEAF Token

Restaurant Currency
-> LEAF Leondrino


Currency for Social VR Network
-> STT Leondrino

If your favorite brand is not visible on this page yet, you can change that. Let us know the brands you trust by adding these brands to your Leondrino Wallet. If you can’t find your favorite brand under the menu item Brands in your Leondrino Wallet, suggest it via your Leondrino Wallet. Invite your friends to do the same and receive Bonus Leondrino, that can be converted into the Leondrino Currency of your favorite brand.