New York and Berlin are Cities of Opportunities

Mar 13, 2015

PwC published a report titled Cities of Opportunites – The urban rhythm of entertainment and media in February 2015. We were delighted that the cities we have chosen for our business – New York and Berlin – are under the top ten out of 30 metropolises around the world.

Here are some charts with interesting facts:

  • New York is the world’s media capital
  • Berlin strikes a chord in Entertainment and Media
  • Berlin is defining itself as creator and consumer
  • New York tops the list on the innovation cities index and cultural vibrancy

To see the full report click on the pdf link below:

PwC Report – Cities of Opportunities

Sandra Leonie Ritter, March 13th, 2015


Sandra Leonie Ritter

Sandra Leonie Ritter is co-founder and CEO of Leondrino Exchange, Inc. and is an experienced serial entrepreneur. Together with Peter Reuschel, she was looking for a revolutionary way to finance upcoming artists with great potential and to turn them into global stars. This idea of creating a new financing option for music brands led to the Leondrino Concept for brands of all industries and the founding of Leondrino Exchange. She has a background as professional musician.