On this page we have gathered some information that you might need for your journalistic work on Leondrino Exchange. Here you will find everything from basics to logos to expert sources.

Press Releases and Press Coverage


Video recording from 04/26/.2017 – duration 7:00
This video shows Sandra Leonie Ritter (CEO of Leondrino Exchange) giving a live demo of the Leondrino Wallet at Finovate Spring 2017 in San José/Silicon Valley.

NewsWatch Review from 10/30/2015 – duration 1:17
This TV report shows a review of the Leondrino Wallets by NewsWatch TV and was broadcasted on Discovery Channel between 7:00 and 7:30 ET/PT on October 30th, 2015.

Video recording from 09/17/2015 – duration 8:15
IntoTomorrow Interview with Leondrino Exchange at the IFA 2015
Dave Graveline talks with Sandra Leonie Ritter (CEO) and Peter Reuschel (COO) of Leondrino Exchange about their virtual currency.

Video from 02/05/2014 – duration 4:00
Originally, the idea of private branded currencies was intended for the music industry as an additional feature of the Leondra music Business Platform. This video gives you an introduction of Leondrino Business Model including a brief illustration of the problem and the solution with Leondrino using the example of a music band.

The feedback received at the Venture Summit West 2014 and the regulation on virtual currency in the State of New York triggered the foundation of Leondrino Exchange, Inc. end of 2014 and the further development of the Leondrino concept that is applicable for various industries -like mobility, health sector, food and hospitality, entertainment- serving both startups and enterprises.