Senator for Economics, Technology and Research, Berlin about Leondrino Exchange

May 16, 2017

“It sounded quite utopian when I heard about the Leondrino concept of private branded currencies at the TEP conference in New York in 2014. The idea of using a brand currency to create a loyal community – and finance the growth of a company as well was so disruptive and crazy that from the very start I believed it could work.

Two years later, I met the founders again, this time in Berlin. The Leondrino idea had matured to a coherent concept. The current discussion around token-based financing of startups and crypto funds demonstrates Leondrino Exchange’s potential. I am delighted that this trend is being decisively influenced by software development from Berlin.”

Cornelia Yzer,
Senator for Economics, Technology and Research, Berlin, Germany (2012 – 2016)