The digital branded currency for STARAMBA.spaces, the social VR network of STARAMBA SE

The STARAMBA.Token – The Currency for Social VR

With STARAMBA.spaces a future new world of shared experiences is opening up. Bidirectional communication between fans and their stars is becoming possible. Footballers, musicians, wrestlers, actors and other stars now offer their fans direct contact with themselves in virtual reality. This way fans are able to build an unprecedented closeness to their stars. They can talk with them, learn about them and enjoy joint activities with them.

This is made possible by the photorealistic avatars of the stars created by STARAMBA and ChatBot add-ons to support conversation and interaction with fans, using artificial intelligence.

STARAMBA.spaces is the social VR network. It processes all the news sent by the star in 3D and presents it in the virtual space. Optically challenging and action-oriented, it is open for the creativity of users. Agents are asked by STARAMBA to open up this VR channel for their clients, to open up new communication and revenue opportunities.

How you can Contribute and Earn Your First STARAMBA.Tokens

There are 2 opportunities to earn FREE STT tokens:

  • by creating and uploading CONTENT
  • by inviting FRIENDS!

Create Your Wallet and Open a STT Account to get STARAMBA.Tokens

It’s easy:

  1. Sign up for a Leondrino Wallet
  2. Log in to your Leondrino Exchange user account and click on CREATE STT ACCOUNT on the STARAMBA promotion in your dashboard to select this brand. As soon as you click on the button “+ Wallet”, your STT account will be created and added to your Wallet.
  3. You get your first STARAMBA.Token automatically credited to your STT account.