In order to enable payment transactions with Leondrino currencies at point of sale, adjustments of involved software systems are necessary, especially regarding multi-currency support and integration with the Leondrino Wallet and the interface with Exchanges. This has to be done for internal account management systems of banks, external online banking solutions and for point of sale and card terminal systems of merchants. In this section Tools, API´s and tools for the integration with merchants, banks and exchanges will be published incrementally after Leondrino Exchange Inc. received its license as issuer and administrator of virtual private currencies. Moreover, we will publish here the standard software products that are already adjusted and ready for Leondrino.

Interested parties like vendors of point of sale systems, card terminals or software companies focusing on account management systems for banks, ERP system or exchanges can already register with us via the following e-mail address We will provide information about early stage partner programs and about technical requirements for integration.